3D Scanning

Scanning Technology

When it comes to scanning, we use the new FARO Laser-HDR™ (patent pending) which improves on conventional multi-exposure HDR techniques. This state of the art equipment intelligently combines a laser scan image and a photograph through a proprietary FARO process. This results in a laser enhanced HDR image in striking color and detail in even the most challenging environments. This advanced feature is fully backwards compatible and thus allows all generations of FARO Focus Laser Scanner products to achieve exceptional HDR results in a considerably shorter amount of time. Finally, even as recording time (5X faster than traditional HDR) and data volume are dramatically reduced (150 MB per scan), all image details are captured in a single shot and the functionality can be used even if the laser scanner does not support HDR by default.

The Faro Focus S350 is used for many projects and the possibilities it has to offer are endless. For the first time, John Tyson is able to provide the clients with the most accurate 3D data which can easily be implemented into a wide range of work such as accident reconstruction, land surveying, architecture, site inspections, forensics, and much more.

This 3D scanner is used to create a point cloud of geometric samples from the surface of an object. This can then be used for data preservation, 2D/3D surveys, and creating 3D models. Like cameras, 3D scanners collect information about surfaces; however, unlike cameras which collect color information only, scanners collect distance information as well, which allows a three dimensional model to be constructed.

This 3D scanner uses laser technology which enables high precision measurements and highly accurate documentations. One of the features of this laser scanner emits a single pulse of laser light, which is then bounced off an object. The scanner then measures both the time for the reflected light to return to the distance sensor and the distance between the surface of an object and the scanner. The Faro S350 captures points at amazing speeds of up to 50,000 points per second. The 3D data collection process is simple and fast. The data can be preserved or immediately transferred to post-production and processed into the final product.

A wide variety of professionals that benefit from this service include city entities, public utilities, entertainment producers, forensic experts, attorneys, law enforcement agencies, municipalities and many more.

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